chris (enemyofthesunn) wrote in mushroomheadxx,

CDs for Sale - Cheap!

first 5 CDs are $1.00 each, next 5 are $.50 each, and everyone after is $.25 each. plus shipping. first come first serve. send me your zip code too so i can calculate postage for you also. **denotes CDs added to the sale.
arkangel - dead man walking
at the gates / grotesque [split disc]
**botch - american nervoso
**buried alive - the death of your perfect world **cave in - beyond hypothermia
coalesce / boysetsfire [split disc]
coalesce / napalm death - in tongues we speak.. [split disc]
coalesce - a safe place [ep]
coalesce - there is nothing new under the sun [led zepplin covers]
colonel claypool's bucket of bernie brains - the big eyeball in the sky
cradle of filth - dusk and her embrace
downset - do we speak a dead language?
deftones - adrenaline
days for sorrow - chambers of silence [nj hardcore]
down - nola
earth crisis - gomorrah's season ends
eastcide - everybody's walking... away [boston locals: hardcore w/hip hop]
faith no more - a small victory [single]
fear factory - resurrection/edgecrusher [single]
- burn [single - rare!]
- resurrection[single]
- soul of a new machine [no booklet]
- fear is the mindkiller
- remanufacture
**from autumn to ashes - too bad you're beautiful
(hed)pe - self titled
**in flames - colony
**- whoracle
kilgore - a search for reason
korn - adidas [single]
- self titled
life of agony - soul searching sun
- ugly
machinehead - the more things change...
mindless self indulgence - bitches/molly [single]
mudvayne - LD50
mushroomhead - xx
norma jean - bless the martyr and kiss the child [comes in blank case]
the offspring - smash [actual disc in blank case]
- ignition
orgy - blue monday [single]
pelican - australasia
poison the well - tear from the red
pro-pain - act of god
queens of the stone age - songs for the deaf
rage against the machine - evil empire
- self titled
rammstein - sehnsucht
shadows fall - somber eyes to the sky
- of one blood
- the art of balance
sepultura - territory [single]
sepultura - blood rooted
soilent green - a string of lies [single]
soundgarden - superunknown
**static x - wisconsin death trip
system of a down - toxicity [double disc]
vext - the climb engaged [NYC locals - hardcore]
**vision of disorder - still
**- from bliss to devestation
**- for the bleeders
adam sandler - they're all gonna laugh at you [actual disc and booklet in blank case]
bill hicks - love laughter and truth [incredible intelligent comedian who inspired bill maher and others.]
ozzfest live [1996 compilation]
trustkill records - 2002 sampler [hardcore comp - 14 songs]
victory: the singles vol. 2 [hardcore comp - 15 songs]
victory style 3 [hardcore comp - 20 songs]
west coast hardcore vs east coast hardcore [sampler - 26 songs]
atmosphere - god loves ugly [comes in blank case]
house of pain - self titled
insane clown posse - the great milenko
- the amazing jeckel brothers
demon knight - original motion picture soundtrack [no booklet]
snatch - original motion picture soundtrack
strangeland - original motion picture soundtrack
frontline assembly - comotose [single]
- circuitry [single]
- plasticity [single]
- surface patterns [single]
- hard wired
ministry - filth pig
skinny puppy - inquisition [single]
- last rights
**wumpscut - the mesner tracks
**- eevil young flesh
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